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5/7/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Rampage of positive expectation.
– My mother is not very interested in me.
– How to say no?
– Is it a mistake to pursue a wanted relationship?
– Advice for writing a book.
– Explaining degrees of alignment on different subjects.
– Is understanding beyond compassion?
– Split energy about where I spend my time.
– What does blending with others do to our individual personalities?
– A way to say no without pushing against?
– Leveraging the power of thoughts vs. needing to control.
– Confusion has played a big role in my life.
– What if instead of remembering sadness, I choose appreciation?
– Found old journals and wondered if I’m making progress?
– Relationship that I want isn’t moving fast enough.
– Cultivating our inner sense?
– What I am ready to hear?
– Letting one another off the hook.
– Struggling with my mom’s situation/anxiety – is it my job to find solutions for her?
– Why do I allow someone calling me out to take me down?
– I want to grow from the negativity.
– What are some ways to keep up steady momentum in the right direction?
– Why can I feel answers building when submitting questions?
– Are things moving faster due to a paradigm shift?
– How can I align myself with the vibration of finding my person?
– Jerry and the moment his relationship with his mother clicked into harmony.
– Financial security and giving up.
– Who are we picking a fight with?
– What are some things we hold as facts that are not vibrationally correct?