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8/23/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How could have I been high-flying if I attracted a negative event?
– How do I keep my vibration high when others around me are experiencing negative?
– I want to be closer to the vibration of solution and ease.
– How do I maintain my connection with my mom after her transition?
– Does writing myself a check help my point of attraction?
– Is it a good idea to switch from general to specific in focusing on the manifestation I want?
– Is my son happy where he is?
– Natural disaster – I want to be of best benefit.
– How to better hear my Inner Being?
– Redirecting our thoughts.
– Answers come to me before I ask the question.
– Waiting for our house to sell and it’s affecting my relationship.
– Thought I felt good about decision, but the outcome was not positive.
– How do you respond to the Law of Attraction?
– My sight is better sometimes than others.
– Are we breathing life into what we think about?
– How to attract a collaboration with another person?
– Want to improve my teaching skills.
– How to grieve in human form.
– What about negative thoughts attached to an impulse?
– Get specific or just allow?
– When to leave or to stay in a relationship?
– Abraham’s advice to soften doubt?
– The friend we have in the Law of Attraction.