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1/22/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How is feeling good a natural core belief?
– How do we forgive those that hurt us?
– Why is so hard to be naturally positive?
– Rampage to feel the vibration of clarity?
– I fear for my brother and his education.
– At times of inner imbalance, how can I find ease?
– Is my dogs’ behavior a reflection of my vibration?
– How would Abraham define consciousness and what is the role of Source?
– Does my concern about my daughter get in the way of her attraction?
– Is there more than just me in this physical body?
– How to use the Creation Box effectively?
– I want to inactivate being responsible/others telling me what to do.
– How can we make the relationship with our Inner Being deeper and more tangible?
– What does my Inner Being get from physical manifestations?
– Should we appreciate things we deem negative?
– How to do stop negative thoughts before they get bigger?
– How can I get my answers directly from Source?
– My tween is experimenting with not telling the truth.
– Advice for someone with resistance about being creative?
– Asking for help vs. allowing universal assistance?
– I have a hard time transitioning between my two living situations.
– My ex-husband and I seem to disagree on everything.
– How do we shift trending that has been going on for a long time?
– Inactive Box has shifted my approach to writing cards for it.
– Teacher asks what do students really need to hear?