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1/11/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Co-creation between spiritual and physical focus?
– Give up my dream or stop fighting?
– Ambivalence had me stuck.
– My real breakthroughs are always internal.
– Please expand on the concept of I cannot run away because I always bring “me” with me.
– What does the Einstein formula really mean?
– Finding doors A, B and C!
– I’m disappointed and doubting my desires.
– Does our Inner being lead us to “interesting” situations?
– Does our deliberate focus/action lead to momentum/solution?
– Does my departed friend have a message for me?
– I’ve been diligent about meditation and visualization, but I don’t feel deserving.
– Could I focus on abundance of other things to create an abundance of money?
– A game to find a way to feel good?
– Can we make momentum for Well-being?
– How to focus on good-feeling thoughts without sticking my head in the sand.
– How to be authentic in sound and energy healing?
– Recurring theme dream – I can’t provide the service I want.
– It feels so simple to just line up and create!
– The decision to be happy.
– How to get a different job.
– How to stay longer in my alignment?
– How to move out of meditation into the physical world?
– Why did I create such drastic events?
– Path of least resistance when I think about my upbringing?
– Advice for feeling stable.
– How aligned does a couple have to be to manifest?
– I’m doing the work, but how do I take the next step?
– Dream analysis plus deactivating process.
– Want clarity about my business/passion.
– Advice for recovery from a long-term illness?
– How to keep our thoughts pure?
– What’s taking so long?
– Does Source energy want to be worshiped?