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3/20/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— What was the victory like for my horse?
— Was exceptional manifester as a child, how do I get back to that?
— What happens in the space after meditation?
— Words to put in your Magical Creation Box.
— Feel like I can’t form lasting bonds with others.
— How do things like war or racism expand Source?
— Releasing resistance around being right.
— A magical life comes through you.
— I’m good at describing my desires, but I don’t believe them.
— Who or what are the cooperative components that work to fulfil human desires?
— How do I know if I’m asking for more than I can allow?
— Possible to allow sudden abundance?
— How do you know when it’s time to walk away?
— Looking for a partner to join my already made family?
— Vibration as a scale/dimension?
— Can’t seem to sell our perfect property.
— Abraham’s thoughts on post-pandemic economy?
— Am I following my Inner Being or running away?
— Can’t decide if I should open a business or not.
— Can I manifest two specific things at a time?
— The difference between wanting and expecting.
— The value of positive expectation and savoring.
— I want to have a baby.
— Want to feel better about our planet.
— How do we heal past traumas?
— Rampage of appreciation for small things.