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12/20/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– What’s stuck in our vibration will always get bigger?
– Want to bring clarity to financial chaos at work and personally.
– Letting go and tuning ourselves to a good-feeling frequency.
– Wherever we are is our frequency is where we are attracting?
– How to let go and trust my Inner Being?
– Daughter is going through contrast at school.
– How can we help our daughter to stop bed-wetting?
– Can you ALWAYS find a good-feeling thought?
– Conversation about being right/feeling good.
– How to keep myself calm in a stressful situation?
– I get thrown when I feel like I’ve made a mistake - How to stop faulting myself?
– Abraham helps understand taking score too soon and measuring our frequencies.
– I get closer to a career move and then nothing happens.
– Are our dreams predictions?
– I want to believe in divine timing, but I’m facing rejection and disappointment with jobs.
– Advice for counting down completion of tuition payments.
– Mushrooms – are those experiences I’m having authentic?
– Any advice on approaching the holidays with friends and family?
– When I ask for universe help on something and it comes to me, but then something challenging happens.
– Feeling like I’m always behind.
– Focusing on creating castles – I have evidence of small but want to create big castles
– Can we find peace on the Emotional Guidance scale anywhere we are?
– Contrast with my health.
– Want to help my son who has mental illness.
– Was it their time (mom/grandmother transition)?
– I want to be together with a certain person.
– Why are beasts more “in the now” than humans?