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ONLINE AUDIO Recordings from December 3, 2022 in Orlando, FL

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Law of Attraction Workshop!

Orlando, FL
December 3, 2022

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Topics Include:

Session 1

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 12/3/22
2. An enthusiastic welcome.
3. Owning your point of attraction.
4. How much are you letting in?
5. Bagel story with a message.
6. Unnecessary explanations.
7. Making choices to clean up vibration.
8. You don't have to justify or explain.
9. "It's all me and I know it."
10. How to stop the chatter?
11. A deliberate choice of focus.

Session 2

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 12/3/22
2. Help with her ear ringing.
3. Finding harmony and balance.
4. A new way to travel?
5. Esther’s travel stories and more.
6. How to focus your emotion.
7. Porn addiction and other cravings.

Session 3

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 12/3/22
2. The need to be more productive.
3. There’s no price to pay for your Vortex.
4. Esther was never a chiropractor.
5. Advice for her chiropractic practice.
6. Too many words, too much explaining.
7. Do the work.