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9/13/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Life feels split into two halves-before and after trauma.
– Break-up, regret, and self-judgement.
– Is there an easier way to transition from the contrast?
– How to know if our ship is pointed downstream?
– Joy in the journey – how to enjoy when other people add their energy?
– Examples of how to apply the marble game to relationships.
– My new perspective about an old movie.
– Success story after frustration.
– Want the best labor experience possible.
– The atmosphere of well-being.
– Taking an inventory of our day?
– Unless I have the knowing, I won’t be secure in the getting.
– Recognizing the importance of knowing.
– What else can I do to be a match to what I want?
– How does Abraham view the vibration of joy?
– What is the value in calibrating/harmonizing with others?
– Easy matches.
– Asking ourselves how we feel often?
– Any advice for more ease and flow?
– Writing off our unfulfilled desires like bad debt…
– Distraction as a matching game?
– Where should I be putting my focus to find my soulmate?
– Dream/nightmare about never getting to the finish line.
– What is it about multiple people working towards a solution that makes things more fun?
– I feel ready for a Quantum leap.
– I have thousands of unread emails – how to address?
– Neighbor from hell.
– Taking satisfaction with incremental marbles?
– Only trying to feel good to get results I want.
– I see so much evidence that things are not getting better.
– I know I have split energy – How can I trust my Inner Being?