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9/28/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Can we get over PMS?
– The value of pre-paving meetings.
– The “undeserving” feeling.
– How can I make a big goal feel less big?
– I have a belief that I need substances to release resistance.
– Abraham’s thoughts on coincidences and signs?
– Every situation reminds me what I have going on vibrationally.
– Is the Vortex how we evolve and improve?
– Understanding the unmanifested/manifested parts of myself.
– Looking for guidance to help with my procrastinating.
– What happens vibrationally when someone gains/loses weight?
– A vibrationally accurate pure desire?
– How does Source see the idea of charity?
– Feeling confusion and despair about my professional life.
– Why does it seem easier to focus on negative?
– What exactly does Abraham mean by “focused desire”?
– I spend a lot of time feeling bored/content. Am I on the brink of something really cool?
– I want a better understanding of my Inner Being.
– Am I losing my sense of compassion or living my truth?
– Are humans born with a memory of Source?
– Do animals and/or humans come back to the same people/places?
– Is my “pinch” in my belief or my expectation?
– I’m trying not to beat the drum of having no money coming in.
– I have contrast in my soul about finding a renter for my empty space.
– Does Abraham encourage us to fake it until we make it?
– Wouldn’t it be nice if…
– How to break free of feelings of others?
– Do we instantly become happy when we croak?
– How to make your way back to the Vortex after grieving?
– How to keep mind focused on increase?
– How to write our own affirmations?