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12/15/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Any distinction between world vibration and individual vibration?
– I’m not as consistent as I would like to be trusting the Universe.
– What to make of not getting called on?
– Alone I can stay focused and happy, but interacting with others causes resistance.
– Deep inside I want to be free.
– How to lose weight with ease?
– When I feel I’m going backward, how to remember things are working out?
– Do I try to figure out my relationship with my father or walk away?
– Single mom feels trapped in life circumstances.
– Is there such a thing as a “clean slate”?
– Is “just doing it” a good approach to life?
– Patterns of thought make me feel unworthy.
– The perspective of my new me.
– On again, off again relationship – should I go with the flow?
– How to use my career momentum to its fullest?
– Introvert or extrovert – is it real?
– What do I need to accept from this human world?
– Responsible thinking vs. Vortex/abundance thinking.
– Is venting ok as a step one moment?
– Tipping up and building momentum?
– Rediscovering my emotional muscles.
– Vibrational marketing?
– Sleep and momentum?
– Harnessing the feeling of something happening before it does.
– The blending of my now moments.