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9/18/2021 Abraham NOW

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– Am I a good person?
– Prophetic dreams.
– Is creating music is a waste of time because I don’t make money from it?
– Being happy ANYWAY.
– Want a career and family, but have failed at both.
– Settling for a lower priced lens?
– How come I sent love, but received back anger?
– What is the death experience like?
– Vibrating at contentment, but have my sights set on happiness.
– How do I best heal my body?
– Meditation and ticking clock.
– Clarity around a business agreement.
– Any benefit to listening to subliminal or hypnosis recordings?
– Do animals have a sense of humor?
– Feel like I’m a little old to find love.
– How to handle rejection as an actor?
– I’m in love with a married person.
– Waking in the night, I fear death.
– How can I manifest the relationship I want?
– I am eager to thrive.
– Abandonment issues and mental suffering.
– I want to see my departed cat where he is NOW.
– How to release resistance about debt.
– Contemplating my purpose in this life.
– Did I attract the birds after my meditation?
– I am the only one who creates my reality?
– From negativity to appreciation.