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10/11/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Feels there is nothing to look forward to anymore.
– The sliding scale of my full presence?
– Communicating with my dogs about behavior?
– Did my non-physical me select my parents?
– How can we feel the calling of our Source?
– Scarcity to allowing and abundant consciousness.
– Now knowing contrast is a good thing.
– Do I need to have a big relationship with my family?
– Why would a happy kitten end his physical experience?
– How to help people in war/conflict?
– Reminding us why it’s supposed to be easy.
– Falling out of the feeling of worthiness?
– Can we get a contrast hangover?
– Positive results from the Placemat Process.
– Trusting the steps to help with my creative content?
– Injury and creativity?
– Telling a different story about a subject that causes shame.
– Tending to our vibrations vs. being reactive.
– How can I hold on to enthusiasm and see projects through?
– Desire: Using our imagination vs. doing nothing?
– Have resistance about hiring a personal assistant.
– Can physical manifestations happen without action?
– Hard to climb back up the emotional scale.