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11/8/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Felt rejected and useless.
– I see my potential when I see others succeed.
– Making peace with things more.
– What’s my power in the Placemat game?
– Relationship between action and ease?
– Confused about two love relationships.
– How is reaching for a different thought different from avoidance?
– Releasing my managing role to Law of Attraction?
– Not paying attention to the issue, but to the joy.
– Tips for my next marketing campaign?
– Should I putting work on back burner and focus on writing?
– Did I dream it because it was going to happen or did I manifest it?
– Wonderful relationship, but he lies.
– Can’t understand how I attracted challenging situation when I’ve had success and confidence at work.
– Am I supposed to help my mother find her path or disconnect from her?
– Is my great asking creating great trauma?
– I hear song snippets while meditating.
– Satisfaction in my thought plane?
– Is grief next to love?
– Non-physical doesn’t feel real to me.
– Writing down positive aspects about others?
– Curious about many points of attraction in a community.
– How to react to unsatisfying things?
– Memories/capturing moments.
– Meditation on financial well-being.
– My high-pressure job doesn’t always align with my energy or my customers.
– How to speeds things up?