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10/25/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Success with the Placemat Process.
– I’ve been pushing against prosperity.
– Dealing with Trauma. Asking for a game to help stay in alignment.
– Do we need positive momentum?
– Replacing beliefs that no longer serve us?
– Which consistent message is best for us?
– Do we choose the timing of our transition or croaking?
– How is contrast of benefit to me?
– I don’t feel excitement in positive emotion.
– Abraham addresses self-interest and point of attraction.
– Want to trust and allow regarding my retirement.
– Vortex a holding place for desires?
– “Pointing” towards what we want.
– Why does there seem to be more negative than positive on the Emotional Scale?
– I’ve manifested a lot of small things, but can’t seem to manifest big stuff.
– How can unconditional love resolve a break-up?
– Looking for pain-free transition.
– I want to be ok with the unknown.
– Can we go through life without experiencing contrast?
– How to be more about the pleasure and comfort of alignment?
– I’ve experienced great loss, rejection, and financial burdens. Now want to find self-love.
– Essence or residue of generations before us?
– Haven’t figured out a way to let money flow.