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Playa Del Carmen 2014 - Playing In Playa

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Access to "Playa Del Carmen 2014 - Playing in Playa" video on demand.

Topics include:

  • There are two types of men for her
  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • Crashed his drone on the best day of his life
  • Do we co-create with mosquitos too?
  • His illness got worse
  • His daughter had a seizure
  • Wants to do it all again, knowing what he knows now
  • Her son graduated and can't find a job
  • How to trust your emotional guidance system
  • He wants to be free from cigarettes
  • Should therapist 'go back' with patients?
  • Some patients only believe in natural remedies
  • DJ has a fear of being interviewed
  • On what level do we decide to transition?
  • It doesn’t feel good to leave. It doesn’t feel good to stay
  • Reconnecting with his deceased son
  • What's the deal with 17 seconds?
  • Her husband transitioned in an Audi R8
  • Is our learning, just an illusion/game?
  • Can Esther and Abraham merge?
  • Her two business partners are not lining up
  • Her business is thriving
  • A half-brother gave him money
  • Is waiting, playing it safe?
  • A voice told her to be more responsible
  • She is uncomfortable about prices
  • Artist tells his students to prepave
  • Lucid dreaming. Dreaming on purpose . . . and many more.

PLUS: An April Fool’s surprise! AND: Bonus, between-the-workshops fun footage

7 hours of highlight material from the 5-day land cruise