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7/10/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— You’re the only one who can deprive yourself.
— A better understanding of my barking dog?
— Which desires end up in the Vortex?
— How do I keep from wanting to avoid friends and family because of grudges?
— Appreciating the differences around you.
— Making room for more of what you want.
— You get what you expect.
— Some of my team members don’t make their deadlines.
— I have split energy around my marriage.
— How does Abraham define consistency related to manifesting?
— How can I get on cruise if I don’t want to meet the ship requirements?
— Do logical beliefs keep us from being cooperative components?
— Law of Attraction clicks things into place.
— Are my Inner Being and Who-I-Really-Am one in the same?
— Trying not to take action from the bottom half of the Emotional Scale.
— How often do you have to think about what you desire without it becoming obsessive?
— My partner and I have different ideas about next housing step.
— I’m not sure about my relationship with my Inner Being.
— When you ask with strongest momentum, non-physical focuses with the greatest clarity.
— Should I ask for forgiveness to find my happiness?
— Sometimes it feels as if the market is playing against me.
— You are not in competition for anything.