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9/12/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— My life was humming along and then I hit a snag.
— Moving up the Emotional Guidance Scale.
— Clarity around ADHD.
— I have a false belief that I don’t deserve everything I desire
— I start out enthusiastic, but then my results are mediocre.
— I worry I can never break this pattern of lashing out verbally at others.
— I was inspired to do something, but then my “responsible” side kicked in.
— Are children that came here via IVF different than children that came the natural way?
— Irrational exuberance vs. conditional exuberance.
— Please give us a rampage of worthiness for my child.
— Could my inner being guide me to two very different paths at the same time?
— Happy to run my business, but I’m working too hard.
— I love my relationship, but I want more.
— Practicing looking for best scenarios.
— Substance abuse disorders.
— I feel like I saw the Vortex with my own eyes.
— Is despair/shame a muscle memory?
— How can I say no without pushing against?
— Is a greater emotional state going to come out of this chaos?
— I’m over serving others and savoring being selfish.
— Rampage of appreciation and our vibrational atmosphere.