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12/27/2020 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Supply and demand or demand and supply?
— Why do I feel like I’m always giving and not receiving?
— What if we cannot get into alignment?
— Fundamentals of Deliberate Creation.
— Ignored resistance causing undesired physical manifestation?
— Is there a way to release habitual thought?
— How to add more fun and joy in my life during lockdown?
— Seeking alignment with paying taxes.
— Do internal vibrations need to go through a process in order to be externalized?
— How can I help my train of thought when the lonely road becomes too lonely?
— Does balance refer to unwanted and wanted?
— My negative emotion is more exaggerated now.
— Do we outgrow jobs, relationships, apartments?
— Repeating my list of goals feels like trying too hard.
— Questions from a single mother about a neglectful father.
— Step one moment with my husband got the worst of me.
— I am in a feedback loop of negative emotion.
— How to look away from what you don’t want.
— How do I keep my light when others are dragging me down with their negativity?
— No difference between manifesting 10 dollars and 10 million dollars?
— How do I share these teachings?
— How is our Vortex full?
— What about twin flames or soul mates?
— What is pain?
— Have I placed too much trust in those outside of me?