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3/2/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How to use Law of Attraction to uplift a group?
– Law of Attraction is our friend.
– I don’t understand how to feel happy.
– My effect on the world?
– Is there a stronger tool than the inactive box to help with negative thoughts?
– Checking off the boxes is her favorite.
– Maybe I don’t trust my Inner Being?
– Contrast at work has lit a fire in me.
– Do I have to be like something to be a vibrational match to it?
– A lot of resistance in my relationships.
– How do I stop self-sabotaging?
– Why do my kids always get overlooked for promotions?
– Worried about my son.
– Fine-tuning the knowledge of where we are?
– Am I supposed to stay out of the way or focus on what I want?
– When people want things from you that aren’t a match for you?
– Path of least resistance or tolerating negativity?
– What if I drop the fear and look at life as a game?
– Daughter is experiencing anxiety and depression.
– I want to find the true feeling of abundance.
– When to stay or go in a relationship?
– What to do after I send off an audition?
– What is the Inner Being perspective of negative situations?
– Best process when experiencing recurring pain?