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3/19/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Why do I have delayed emotional reaction?
– Is sleep really important?
– Who will channel Abraham when Esther transitions?
– How to show up as the best version of myself as I lead?
– Why does everything seem better after an Abraham Cruise?
– Is the death experience like a slumber and are we consciously aware?
– I’m good at focusing, but slow at producing.
– Advice for allowing large sums of money to flow?
– How do I allow myself to enjoy my success and gifts?
– When there is great collective asking, are we all aware of the clarity and answers?
– If my Inner Being never looks back, does it instead go to what I want?
– Experiencing a hellish legal experience and conflicted about how to proceed.
– Sexuality and allowing.
– Is this Source or my ego?
– Move on from a job or relationship or keep working on our own alignment?
– Challenging dog in my peaceful experience.
– What does all this mean?
– I’m a good teacher, but I don’t agree with traditional schooling.
– Is it enough to be just content?
– Can I attract big dreams while appreciating where I am?
– How to get into the flow and do things with ease?
– Next steps for creating my own business?
– Anything else I can do to be a cooperative component?
– I want to understand how we co-create with others and my mother’s suicide.
– What is my part in thoughts becoming things?
– Comedy from a Source perspective?