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4/10/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— At 68, does my art have relevance?
— I’m sensitive to energy.
— Is Abraham able to sense emotions/energy both on an individual and collective level?
— How to get up to speed with our inner being?
— Look for things we like even in places we don’t want to be?
— How to feel safe if someone else is driving you?
— How does Abraham feel about white lies?
— How do I keep doubts at bay?
— Abraham’s definition of “Mastermind.”
— Owning where we are or perpetuating what we do not want?
— Can we consciously see energy?
— Energy surge during meditation.
— I want to connect with a guide like Esther/Abraham.
— Better to have a single focus?
— Anxiety keeps me in resistance.
— Deeper expansion on the economy?
— Ready for more, but I need clarity.
— What does my Inner Being do in the meantime while I’m not catching up?
— I fall back into pessimism when I have a setback.
— Manifested a quiet neighbor, but it didn’t last.
— Why can’t I allow wellness?
— Landed the job I wanted, but feel myself changing gears.
— Grandparent wants to guide grandchild.
— What can I do to help others around me who are struggling?
— Why is it so easy to fall out of alignment?
— How to support aging colleagues that don’t believe in the power of intention?
— Focused on positive to create a peaceful separation.
— Dealing with toxic people?
— What is the frequency of love?