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6/14/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Discussing the fields or atmosphere of attraction.
– I attract men who mistreat and take advantage.
– Job/career is not providing happiness.
– Showing appreciation – verbally or vibrationally?
– Collective energy, connecting the dots, and the higher mind.
– Are things getting better?
– Negativity bias?
– Telling our stories with intention.
– What are we and why we came.
– Why do I get so tired at work?
– The matching game feels like all I need.
– Do our intentions create our personalities?
– Natural born leaders?
– Earning with our attitudes?
– Does Segment Intending influence the attraction zone?
– Mutuality and meeting our matches halfway?
– Finding her four-leaf clover.
– I want gentle focus vs. hard focus.
– Manifesting and still not feeling happy.
– How can we best tap into our now reality/receive thoughts from our Inner Being?
– Trying too hard vs. letting go?
– I am good at positively pre-paving my days, but sometimes I do the opposite.
– Kids and screen time?
– The satisfaction of wanting.