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4/19/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Contradictory thoughts vs. Looking for matches.
– Difficult situation with my ex-husband.
– How to separate myself and what I want from other influences?
– Being chill is the key.
– Ways to stay aligned without becoming a match to illness.
– Level of confidence equates to ability to handle criticism?
– What can I do to stop blaming others and myself?
– I’m the happiest person in my workplace, but they don’t take me seriously.
– Why did I create being robbed?
– Can I just chill and relax while everything falls into place?
– Waffling in indecision.
– Is physical is just vibration with momentum?
– Trying for longer than a month, hasn’t manifested yet.
– Looking for matches is making me happy.
– I would like to tell myself another story about my body.
– How to soften our attention to our current reality?