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12/4/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Rampage of confidence (to get the job I want).
– Do I never need to think about my body?
– Does the time of year affect our resistance?
– Spirit and vibration and “house clearing”.
– The origin of a true desires?
– Can my daily meditation help my son?
– How does my Inner Being feel about my job and office?
– How to allow more abundance?
– Best intentions for 2022?
– I give freely, but did not receive what I need for retirement.
– I need to fix my relationship because my partner wants to leave.
– It’s time for me to leave my job.
– Transitioning without collapsing.
– Unsettled in our home, but I can’t move forward.
– People in my life feel I don’t “show up” for them.
– A life-long struggle to get and stay focused.
– Overcoming addiction.
– How does Abraham describe a crush vibrationally?
– I would like to step away from the “must take action” mindset.
– If it feels exciting…..
– Decluttering and trending conversation.
– Laying down new pipes.
– Non-resistant thought and 17 seconds.
– Effort and existing resistance.
– Are we the thinkers or the receivers of thought?
– How would a non-hearing person translate vibration?
– I desire to be pain-free and in perfect health.
– Tennis and other things from new fresh eyes.
– Winning from a different perspective.
– A rampage of no looking back.