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8/28/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Tuning to what we want after observing what we don’t want vs. just reacting.
– Allowing your vibration to rise.
– I have a consistent low mood.
– The beauty of synchronistic events.
– What to do to keep bears away from our home?
– How can I find people of a similar mindset?
– I struggle with what others think of me.
– Doubt I can maintain my level of alignment when I get back from vacation.
– Talking about pain.
– I have moments of clarity and I want to maintain them consistently.
– My memory is too reliant on notes.
– Homeless situation and the Emotional Scale.
– My children have been diagnosed with Autism.
– Asked my grandmother for a sign.
– Was informed I’m at risk for cancer.
– My health is rapidly decreasing.
– The powerful feeling of anticipation.
– I help others, but I hurt myself.
– A common issue is a trend.
– I have a lot of clutter.
– I’m letting the status of my family get to me.
– For the first time in my life, I feel I’m at the top of the Emotional Scale.
– My business has an extreme shortage of employees.
– Disruptive world events seem to be increasing?
– I have pain on a regular basis.
– I send all my love around the planet, but what keeps me from manifesting a relationship?
– My husband and I don’t agree on our paths.
– What should I call my own experiments?
– Worried for the well-being of my son.
– How can I trust more that I will meet the right man?
– Why after so much time have I not managed to attract the life I want?
– I’ve manifested wonderful things, but not the specific things I’ve wanted.
– I worry I am ignoring my own desires.
– I cannot control my romantic partner.
– I miss sweet life.
– I’m angry and resentful but want to be loving.
– I have a much easier time reaching joy for myself, but it’s harder when it involves others.
– Is there anything I can do to remove doubt about my conception journey?
– Things go well and then something happens to derail everything.
– Working to save my eyesight.
– Anxiety about IVF.
– Out of work and can’t seem to get thru the interview process.
– A light while meditating.
– Trying to decide if I should leave my marriage.
– I’ve never had any friends.
– Group of people labeled me inappropriate.
– I don’t know how I attracted my cheating husband.
– Want to bring my lover back.
– Doubting that we create our own reality.
– You can’t get it out, once it’s in?
– Climate-related events, pandemic, Earth shift, joyous survival?
– Wildfires, rain, and relief.
– I don’t want to rehash the old issues.
– I decided to be a more active participant in the creation of my life.
– How can I/we embrace contrast better?
– What is the question that Covid is asking?
– A rampage of letting go.