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7/20/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Doubling down, but also up!
– How to have things in life that give us a sense of well-being?
– Feeling better about what I haven’t manifested yet.
– What are some ways to lay a new thought path?
– Are my deceased parents communicating with me?
– I don’t want to keep repeating the same cycle!
– Looking for a job, but not wanting to prove myself.
– I keep returning to old bad habits with food.
– Should I ignore the numbers and follow my bliss?
– I want to take my relationship with boyfriend to the next level.
– Letting go of the need to belong.
– Assigning motives and wanting to understand my feelings of unworthiness.
– Now that my non-aligned parent has transitioned, what is our parent/child relationship?
– Seeking awareness of the thoughts that attracted certain things in my life.
– Want to feel and hear wisdom from my departed parents.
– Is happiness just the ability to align with what happens?
– It feels more personal when I’m on lower half of the scale.
– Advice on addressing large-scale violence?
– Life hack for making meditating a simple habit?
– How to submit my questions to Abraham all the time?
– Following your bliss or getting specific?
– What is extinction?
– I feel like I’m on my own on the Leading Edge?
– Making things happen vs. letting go of effort.