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7/3/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— Teaching to have no thought vs. having positive thoughts?
— Would it be ok to meditate on positive thoughts for the past?
— I appreciate my life, but feel miserable about going to my school reunion.
— Time does not exist?
— Difference between moments of alignment and the Vortex?
— Is the path of least resistance and the path of most allowing the same?
— Wondering if joy and love are the highest emotions that humans can experience?
— Is there something I can do to deepen my meditation experience?
— Clarification of “It’s an inside job”.
— Humans shifting and sifting through the contrast.
— Struggle to understand why the universe has made it so hard for us to understand the concept of alignment?
— Want to disassociate from my ex, but he owes me money.
— Can I stop being depressed?
— Emotional exchange has me feeling ashamed.
— Why do kids suck their thumb?
— When to take pleasure from the idea and when to relax and let it go?
— How can I align myself while still acknowledging problems in the world?
— I’m living a life that is not in alignment with my desires.
— Clients think I am blocking the outcome.
— In my dreams, I feel pressure and stress – is this an important message for me?
— Abraham discusses temper tantrums.
— Bored and underwhelmed by the human experience.
— Feel joy when in nature, but do not have equal joy in my connection to people.