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2/27/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Learning a lot from my “fresh on the planet” son.
— Noisy neighbor and self-soothing.
— Is “feathering the nest” same as enabling?
— Path of least resistance in a custody situation.
— How to make a decision and line up with it?
— Speed of light and speed of thought.
— Why do I feel guilty for not helping?
— Loud neighbor makes me feel not free.
— Do I walk away from conflict or do something kind?
— Non-physical perspective of the death experience.
— Can we widen our capacity to love?
— Trying to focus on the positive, but my vision is worsening.
— Triggered by bad news.
— I get stuck on worst-case scenarios.
— Trying to replace my Inner Being with my relationship.
— My husband and I are total opposites on pandemic, politics, ethics and morality.
— My fear of death is blocking me from living my life in the vortex.
— Dreams at night are not in line with my high vibrational daytime mood.
— How to make friends?
— Energy rampage.