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11/29/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Looking for fairness.
– What role do our ancestors play?
– How do I explain to my children why someone is homeless?
– Rampage of worthiness?
– Finding peace.
– Painful to watch problems of my husband and his father.
– Does negative emotion mean I’m not in a blended state?
– Fall asleep but can’t stay asleep.
– Am I a witch?
– How to repair shattered trust?
– Body spasms when I meditate.
– How to make decision making worry-free?
– How can I stop letting other people define my worth?
– Would I attract more problems by having gratitude for problems?
– Non-resistant cat energy?
– Continuing the work of awareness-ing!
– Feeling my diverse group of friends are together now in non-physical.
– Being satisfied in the moment or hoping for better tomorrow?
– How to attract a lover with simple existing matches?
– Abraham, what is the best mindset to hear your answers to my questions?
– Can I get more expansion from Positive Aspects?
– How can I create less effort in my work?
– Appreciation that leads to more joy – is this how my Inner Being feels?
– I want to find a way to soften my negative expectations.
– Want to make a decision from this contrast that is beneficial to me.
– Is there a big way to work on releasing something?
– Advice on taking inspired action?