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4/5/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Does the Vortex collect what we prefer?
– Why do some ideas and people resonate more?
– Does it matter what you are creating as long as you are creating?
– Vibration matching?
– Influence and chronic pain in a loved-one.
– Slicing life by feeling?
– Perceiving through the wholeness of who we are?
– Looking vs. feeling.
– When others don’t want things to work out for you.
– How to soften my perspective when looking at jobs?
– Trouble understanding things.
– I want to maximize my creative power.
– Using the Emotional Guidance Scale.
– I desire to move cities and get a new job.
– Being a match to our manifestations.
– Dealing with people that have to be right all the time?
– Looking for best approach for allowing my child to learn.
– Do people have to be aligned with their Inner Being for me to get what I want?
– How to silence the negative thoughts?
– How to maintain a blended perspective?
– Want to share myself with confidence.
– How open to be about the LOA in my profession?
– Reconnecting during meditation?