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9/4/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include: 

— Trending toward more steady joyfulness.
— Why is it easier to destroy vs. create?
— Wouldn’t society be better off if people could die for 5 minutes at a time?
— Tending and trending conversation.
— Heartbroken writer vs. eager writer.
— Struggle to quiet my mind when on the lower half of the Emotional Scale.
— Regret I did not know this information when I was younger.
— What is the difference between a desire and a fantasy?
— Want to believe more and complain less.
— A Vortex of what we don’t want?
— Intense desires or soft easy focus?
— Successful kitchen manifestation.
— How to celebrate my lottery victory?
— What makes up my dog’s point of attraction?
— Want to ensure my son has a joyful school experience.
— I want to be a super strong enlightened being.
— The origin of desire?
— How to communicate with non-physical musicians?
— I don’t know how to deal with OCD.
— Why do babies cry?
— I want to attract animals.
— Where is peace on the Emotional Scale?
— Opening my mind and my cells….
— Is there an easy way to give up control?
— Is my negative emotion from my Source or my family?
— How does the theory of evolution fit in with the Law of Attraction?
— What can I do to maintain my boundaries?
— Vibrational reason for my rude neighbor.