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4/3/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Is it better to adjust our own “instrument” to the whole orchestra?
— What does Abraham mean by expansion and how can I increase my own?
— I let everyone off the hook except my husband.
— Wanted/unwanted in resistance to each other?
— Should I focus on reprogramming my subconscious to align with my conscious intentions?
— Why do I feel like history in my life is repeating itself?
— Husband and I don’t agree on next steps.
— How can I know the job I want will find me?
— What am I doing that others around me are achieving success but not me?
— No matter what I do I can’t seem to control my cravings or weight.
— I love outdoors, so why do I have allergies?
— Diagnosed as a child and now have physical limitations.
— I have weakened in my certainty of my own good health because my friends have health issues.
— When challenged with genetic disorder, how do I approach healing?
— Brain surgery makes it difficult to focus.
— Where is the feeling of “lost” on the Emotional Scale?
— What is the best way to pre-pave and set intentions?
— Trying to be right is holding me back.
— Does contrast always imply you are always on the bottom half of the Emotional Scale?
— Consciousness of animals and how do we co-create with them?
— I know what I want!
— My lifelong dream has yet to manifest.
— I often find it difficult to speak eloquently.
— Mandatory meetings are affecting my joy.
— I feel dull and invisible.
— Artist is reaching for the feeling of satisfaction, success and freedom.
— Difficult relationship with my husband, but I stay for my son.
— Hard to have harmony with my rude co-worker.
— If in alignment should I be able to happily co-exist with anyone?
— My photos make some people jealous.
— I’m scared of being scared by non-physical.
— When our loved one’s transition, are they super focused on those still alive?
— Should I move beyond my comfort zone?