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10/18/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Clarifying the Placemat Process.
– Confusion about how I chose such a mismatch.
– Going general to avoid resistance.
– The “new” me is eager!
– Want to connect with my baby on a deeper level.
– How to stay connected with Abraham as much as possible.
– Should I try again the next day with Placemat Process items not completed?
– Learning how to have fun and let go.
– I always choose the most difficult path.
– Connecting with eternal loved ones and animals.
– Is worry unavoidable?
– Changing jobs, but I’m bumping into doubt.
– Satisfied, eager for more, and wanting message for my birthday.
– How to not get triggered by others?
– Is pain just low emotion manifesting?
– Can we talk to Abraham all day every day?
– Co-creating is harder for me.
– Creating “You” in every situation.
– I’m noticing the same opportunities to attract everywhere I go.
– I feel showered in goodness.
– Checkbook game.
– Placemat Process and frequency of relief.
– Is love just an alignment process?
– Being in alignment with prosperity.
– How to transition my role of a mother with older children?
– The resistance I put forth is really unnecessary.
– Desire and conditions – I’m reaching for the feeling not the condition.
– Tools to pass big exam?
– Family pressures and spending vibrational currency.
– Leave or try to find positive aspects?
– Food addiction and poor health worries me.