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1/28/2023 Abraham NOW


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Topics Include:

– “Turning up the heat” analogy.
– A conversation about privacy.
– Stopping vs. starting something?
– Help me turn my knee-jerk defensiveness into knee-jerk allowing.
– I want to be an energy healer/empath.
– Do I manifest how people treat me?
– Finding my higher self and wanting more.
– Energy is where we last left it?
– How to improve old energy while focused elsewhere?
– Artificial intelligence?
– Structure for studying in a group?
– How to focus/prioritize my creative ideas?
– How to help when my friend and lover is sad?
– Can I move away and still have an eternal relationship?
– Struggling over a friendship that ended.
– Speed - How do we need it to keep balance?
– Value in new (unwanted) situations?
– Thoughts to receive what’s in my Vortex.
– I’m in frustration or disappointment often.
– How to focus when I am exhausted?
– Will manifestations present themselves before we are ready?
– Interacting with my Vision Board.
– Physical bodies and thoughts about how we got here.
– Realized nothing can really go wrong.
– Blindsided by lots of bills.
– Overall point of attraction vs. attraction on certain topics.
– Leaning towards divorce, but don’t want to hurt our children.
– Want to focus on desired outcomes without being Pollyanna-ish.
– Unemployed after 23 years.
– Childhood trauma affecting all aspects of my life.
– Caregiving for an old friend.