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Law of Attraction — Sydney 2022 — Audio Recordings

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Law of Attraction Workshop!

Sydney, Australia
November 12, 2022

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Topics Include:

Session 1

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications
2. First emotion, then manifestation.
3. Expectation and connecting the dots.
4. Get hold of your point of attraction.
5. Wait until the calling is strong.
6. The healing never stops.
7. Milestones with teenage boys.
8. She hears energy when meditating.
9. A collective consciousness conversation.
10. Catching resistance early.
11. Let emotions be your friend.

Session 2

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 11/12/22
2. He defaults to anger.
3. Narcissism and shortage consciousness.
4. If I can feel it, I can have it.
5. A new book title?
6. More Sara books?
7. Politics, control and pushing against.
8. The feeling of a wanted relationship.
9. Look back to past relationships?
10. True love.
11. Helping his "captive audience".

Session 3

1. Abraham-Hicks Publications 11/12/22
2. Overwhelming choices and responsibilities.
3. Allowing the expansion and abundance.
4. Pushing against vs. advocating for.
5. Emotions as manifestations.
6. That thing you do.
7. More energy than he can handle?
8. Abraham's closing message.