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8/20/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Overthinking is limiting me and causing resistance.
– Could I become dependent on my chiropractor?
– My boyfriend has fears about commitment.
– What’s it all about?
– Cashing in our vibrational chips?
– Disappointed by energy healers.
– Went home and activated my allergies.
– Why do we get hung up with situations that do not work?
– The “drama” vibration vs. “playful” vibrations?
– Does our unique identity change when we reemerge into non-physical?
– Back issues and trying to avoid surgery.
– Is it natural to be tired at the end of a day?
– Human capacity to create new things?
– Want to avoid the energy suck of my parents.
– I’m hungry for more alignment.
– I want to switch from stream anger to stream of consciousness.
– I decided I CAN give up the struggle.
– A conversation about expansion.
– Tips on how to feel myself into appreciation?
– Why do I keep my business small when I love what I do?
– What’s the reason for so much resistance on my path?
– Health and children.
– Am I focusing enough to manifest my desires?
– More conversation about thinking instead of feeling.
– New connected experience when I write now.
– Do we have to be a vibrational match to joy?
– I want to be in a blended state more consistently.
– How can I stop the triggers?
– Do I try to mend a previous relationship?