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10/2/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– More medical help or trust my body?
– How does Esther let Abraham in?
– Finally understanding resistance.
– How to keep the flow of abundance in my direction?
– How does our vibration change on different topics?
– How can I stay in a place of abundance while I feel defeated?
– What is our responsibility as parents?
– Should I focus on past good times or meditate to improve relationship?
– Is sacrifice ever the right thing to do?
– Immediate attraction/love at first sight?
– Would like to see my mother out of the nursing home.
– How to explain to a four-year-old about his Inner Being?
– When something bad happens….
– Am I stopping my manifestation by too much focus on it?
– Meditation and breath focus.
– Relationship between thoughts and illness?
– What are desires?
– Abraham discusses sensations.
– I want to trust the perfect timing of the Universe.
– Staying true to myself when it causes a rift in my relationships?
– I lose my alignment at work.
– What is a healer?
– Napping when I feel on the lower half of Emotional Scale.
– Fear being pushed on both sides of the vaccine issue?
– I feel terrible I didn’t get my son diagnosed earlier.
– Intense emotional resistance triggered by new opportunities.
– Why am I suddenly anxious?
– My family doesn’t want me to discuss Source, spirituality, Abraham, etc.
– 10 good ideas from Abraham.