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6/24/2023 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– What is the sixth sense?
– Recognizing my part in complaints coming to me.
– How do we store memory?
– Healing traumas?
– How to take manifestation and money out of the equation?
– Nervousness vs. excitement?
– Got my dream job, but it’s different than I thought.
– Coming up for air/finding a better feeling thought.
– Why do I avoid things that would move me towards my dream?
– Looking for better results with Placemat process.
– What is the difference between resistance and taking care of yourself?
– How to be more like our Inner Being?
– Are we all supposed to deal with addictions?
– How would Abraham spend their birthday?
– I’m doubting everything about my business, but don’t want to let it go.
– Can I do anything to prevent world conflict?
– Looking for evidence of improvement.
– How can I blossom in an environment of criticism?
– Being more like my cat?
– Old fears about worst-case scenarios.
– Feel I need to give back to my part of the world in that language.
– Trying too hard?
– How to protect myself from what I think they are thinking?
– How to support my grieving daughter.