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11/27/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– What exactly is a thought?
– How did existence come into being?
– Maintaining non-resistant thoughts.
– How to create your book of positive aspects.
– I struggle to know purpose of life.
– A simple mistake ruined my day.
– Do our dreams have meaning for manifestation?
– Call the wedding off or stay?
– Why am I so angry/How to reinvigorate my faith?
– What is inevitable?
– How does my Inner Being perceive sadness?
– Chose my career because my mom told me it was a good idea – but it’s not my passion.
– Why did our cat die?
– Hurts to think of the house I didn’t get.
– Trending away from fear and vibrational clutter.
– Are annoying traits in others the same we see in ourselves?
– What does a secure intimate relationship look like?
– What would life feel like from the Vortex?
– Something blocking my partner from moving forward in our relationship.
– Want to help others, but don’t want to destroy my own vibration.
– Successful clearing clutter for clarity.