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7/2/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Do new places help us achieve a higher vibration?
– Movie makes me happy, but then I compare it to my real life.
– Do we choose our parents?
– Don’t know where fear is coming from.
– I want to be more consistently in the Vortex.
– Is there right or wrong timing?
– Is my general idea enough or do I need more details?
– How do we communicate with the departed?
– Discussing degrees of resistance.
– I have different desires at different times.
– What do my skin issues mean?
– Patterns of discovery with wanting to fix everything.
– If we don’t say no, aren’t we saying yes?
– I gain momentum, but not able to manifest.
– With awareness comes overthinking and self judgement.
– I’m holding on to negative self-talk.
– Benefits of visualizing and segment intending in all of my moments?
– I felt invincible, but then my boss triggered me.
– I have contrasting beliefs about illness.