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6/18/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Vibrational resonance using tunning forks.
– What’s it like for nature when I’m in it?
– How to deactivate feeling vulnerable or unsafe?
– So many questions about the death of my daughter.
– Feeling good, but have visions of things going wrong.
– Who or what are you choosing resonance with right now?
– I’m sick of being scared all the time.
– Discipline and the creative flow.
– What is the magic with this new process?
– How do we attract prosperity?
– Why do I want to be my authentic self?
– I’ve been taught my whole life to put other people first.
– Are things moving really fast?
– Abraham - did I co-create this new focus with you?
– Beating the drum of what’s in my Inactive or Creation box?
– Abundance and the influence I have on others?
– I manifested something that I was daydreaming about.
– Evolving relationship with my Inner Being.
– How to avoid internal moral judgement?
– Should I be waiting for manifestation or should I be fine-tuning?
– Realized I have creative control.
– Focus or get out of the way?
– Co-creating with animals?
– Turned 50 and have anxiety about finding a relationship.
– Completely and compassioniately accepting where we are.