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2/12/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– Healing vs. wellness/The joy of replenishment.
– How did I attract negative conversations?
– How do I know I’m on the right track to manifest a baby?
– Do old habits that negate the progress I’ve made?
– How to maintain a relationship with 13-year-old daughter?
– How do I keep myself in my Vortex when I’m with my family?
– Is it enough to say relax and have fun?
– Is my energy where I last left it?
– How do we learn to trust our impulses or enthusiasm?
– Does it mean I am rude if I receive rude behavior?
– How our Inner Beings come up with these bodies in this time and place?
– Inactivating addictions/What is addiction?
– What’s getting in the way of my desire to work out?
– How do I stay in alignment while in a Step One moment?
– Inactive Box vs. Active Box.
– The power of influence with my relationship and my art?
– What is the nature of angels and do they have specific intentions?
– What about beginner’s luck?
– Real-world vs. daydreaming world?
– Following my bliss/Feelings when using Inactive Box?
– Is there a difference in what we are forming in our Vortex based on where we are on the Emotional Scale?
– I have a fear of being seen and being judged.
– I’ve achieved so much because of my blindness, but I want to see again.
– About receiving answers quickly when relaxed.
– Struggle to feel love from my family.