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9/7/2022 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– What do you do when you can’t see the path of least resistance?
– When is it time to save energy?
– I want to know what love feels like.
– Need encouragement after breakup.
– Focus on problem or ignore?
– Can we use focus wheels to help our sick animal?
– Loved ones dying and creating our own reality?
– I don’t understand what a vibration is.
– Parents had fearful attitudes when they were physical, but has their perspective has changed now?
– The essence of giving and receiving?
– I am in and out of alignment.
– A job opportunity is exciting, but it’s in another city.
– Decline over time is a lie?
– Have I reached the peak of my alignment?
– My family doesn’t believe they create their own reality.
– Dream partner….How to focus and let go of fear?
– Excited, but scared when I think of a new love interest.
– I feel like I’ve lost my strong sense of humor.
– Tools and techniques for inspired action?
– Looking for a new house, but the one I want is not ready.
– Are we manifesting things that already exist?
– How to get rid of physical pain?
– What happens when you don’t experience contrast?
– Is perfection only a feeling?
– I feel hopeless lately.
– Frustrated with the place I live.
– Where do ideas come from and where do they go?
– Does patience have a role in the Art of Allowing?