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6/26/2021 Abraham NOW

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— Is work really necessary?
— Would I do more harm than good as a Human Rights Advocate?
— Is there a reason why we croak?
— How do I shorten the time frame to achieve my desires?
— What is the one thing I can do to take my psychic practice to the next level?
— How do I take the high road when I perceive differently from my mate?
— How to trust others to translate my creative vision without pushing them away?
— What if I didn’t leave my vibration in a good place?
— Can we recalibrate our intuition?
— What advertisement are you sending to the universe?
— Our brains as hubs?
— How to use the word “intention” in our lives?
— The connection between complete bliss and a death in the family.
— Who are my spirit guides and how many do I have?
— How can I connect with my spirit guide?
— Are we all soulmates?
— Should I ignore my negative interaction with dog?
— How to slow the momentum of my aggressive dog?
— What is the value of new pets?
— Is focusing on an issue counterproductive?
— Is marijuana clouding my understanding?
— How to overcome the contrast and focus on my work?
— I want a beautiful relationship and happy children.
— I seem to have a pattern - when I’m grateful something bad happens.
— My ex-wife is trying to get custody of my kids.
— Why do I feel fear/anxiety and at the same time feel excited?
— I feel pressure to appease the majority, but it disrupts my peace.
— What is love?
— Happiness is not about the thought.
— Rampage of appreciation about the past.