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9/25/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

– How do I make the one thing I’ve wanted since childhood come into my life?
– My daughter is going through an awkward stage.
– How do I stop beating myself up for the unpleasant experiences I’ve attracted?
– Understanding the state of bliss and moments of inspiration.
– My questions were answered by my Inner Being.
– Difficult for me to see myself in a relationship.
– What about neutral emotions?
– Guilt, fear, sadness stuck in my vibration.
– Letting people off the hook.
– Which decision feels better?
– How to maintain my connection around others?
– Is true authenticity only being in alignment?
– Taking the bounce when I’m trending in the wrong direction.
– Excitement and tears while watching Abraham.
– Breathwork, music and binaural beats during meditation?
– Can self-doubt cancel the desires in my Vortex?
– Mad at my mother and want to release resistance.
– Daughter scared of going back to school.
– Why am I so tired?
– Knee-jerk reaction to construction next door.
– Questions about aging.
– How do I become a better parent and example?
– How to start feeling myself again?
– How to shift your momentum?
– Contrast and my relationship with my mother.
– Rampage to support healing.
– Comforting closing words.