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6/12/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— How to deal with intrusive/disturbing thoughts and how to stop them?
— How can I manifest things instantly?
— Using sounds and focus to enhance meditation.
— Being called by your inner being?
— Was looking for a sign and found it.
— Staying in alignment when mixing with others?
— Is true love an inside job?
— How lazy can I be and still fulfill my desires?
— Undesirable neighbors are still in my reality.
— How to not be influenced by actual conditions to find a solution?
— Feeling relief because I didn’t take revenge.
— Clarity on the best feeling approach and my desire to move.
— How did I attract an old relationship again?
— 15-year-old is on road to self-destruction.
— Vibration, contrast, and unconditional happiness.
— Where is obsession on the Emotional Scale?
— The difference between pessimism and doubt?
— How can I learn to pause when feeling attacked?
— Is the speed of light the universal speed limit?
— How to inspire myself to shift out of a state of addiction?
— Do we miss so much by being busy?
— What is the Vortex?
— How can I be a bigger receptacle for joy?
— If Source is always looking out for us, why do we need to check in?
— How does my Inner Being touch me?
— How do we get back in the manifestation flow after Covid?
— My self-worth is tied to hard work.
— How does one improve skills and have enjoyable practice?
— Things I deem beautiful are giving me trouble.
— Is it an impulse or inspiration?
— Does Source Energy remember how it feels to be in a physical body?
— How to best respond when judging others even on inconsequential things?
— A day full of appreciation ended with items being stolen from me and I struggle to understand how.
— Manifesting with less-resistant thoughts?
— When I die, will I feel disappointed in myself?
— I feel my freedoms are being taken away.
— What is the frequency of Abraham?