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5/22/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— Does money follow when you do what you like?
— Exploring the Emotional Guidance Scale - What is the opposite of anger?
— Timing and the Law of Attraction.
— Our past vs. present relationship with our Vortex.
— Is visualization more about creating the feeling than creating the reality?
— Husband is pushing, but I want to go with the flow.
— Is it true we should feel the negative feelings?
— How can I stay in the moment and plan for the future?
— Intentions, choices, and decisions.
— I think my daughter may be autistic.
— I feel I attract people who take over my social spheres.
— Is there ever a time when I should surrender to pressure of my social group?
— Do we have a choice about our croaking experience?
— Is it just because I’m depressed that I can’t make a decision?
— I feel blessed but overwhelmed.
— Rejection and the Law of Attraction.
— Does my Inner-Being have a personality?
— How do I not let someone else’s energy disrupt my own?
— The path I walked many times looked different somehow.
— Feeling obligated to stay at my job.
— Is there a counter-creation for every desire?
— Why do animals choose to live in captivity?
— Anxiety about college student spending habits.
— An appreciation prayer to help others.