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1/2/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— How you feel is everything.
— My Emotional Guidance System has gone into overdrive.
— Abraham’s advice for 2021.
— My energy is too much for people.
— What is Abraham’s perspective on compromise?
— How can I allow more prosperity?
— How do I increase focus and attention span?
— Difficulty focusing and prioritizing.
— Worried I’m losing my inspiration.
— Can I attract big things while feeling annoyed?
— Emotional Feedback: Are you having fun?
— Should I love them from afar?
— I love him, but he is an alcoholic.
— You are a human being not a human doing.
— Is it my job to help others?
— Current Esther/Jerry/Abraham relationship?
— Does our inner being have a name?
— How can I release deeply imbedded subconscious judgement?
— Communication with my non-physical pet?
— Rampage of appreciation for the New Year.