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4/24/2021 Abraham NOW Replay

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Topics Include:

— Why am I so angry all the time?
— Is my desire to make money from my creative expression natural or me seeking validation?
— Are we eternally linked to specific energy?
— What is our relationship with the planet?
— Would Source know joy if we were not in these physical bodies experiencing contrast?
— Why do I have bad dreams?
— Is it true that no one can misbehave in your energy unless you misbehave in your energy about them?
— Why are there so many philosophies that say desire is wrong and ego is bad?
— Was I in contact with transcendent masters?
— Why is it easier to feel someone who has passed vs. someone living?
— Is it my own belief that makes me attract blame?
— Complicated desire to have a baby with my long-distance love.
— I manifested a partner then contrast arrived.
— If thoughts are energy, do groups of thoughts create emotional clusters?
— Fake it until you make it or owning where you are?
— What does giving/donating to others mean?
— The fear of getting in trouble.
— Struggling with how to fill my days.
— I have fallen from my spiritual relationship.
— Love and the frequency of knowing.
— How can I detach from the reality of my disease?
— Does the arc of the human experience bend toward love and alignment?