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5/8/2021 Abraham NOW

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Topics Include:

— In despair because my partner left.
— How can I express my belief that nothing is always right or always wrong?
— What is the purpose of evolution of people?
— Daydreaming has brought great changes.
— How can everyone get what they want?
— How can I manifest smiles again?
— Only speaking from our place of alignment?
— The more positive I become, the negative my mate becomes.
— The leverage of the Universe?
— Is there more that we can do to calibrate to the frequency of wanted?
— Mental health, alignment and balance.
— How important is it for us both to be in alignment for common goal?
— I lead a peaceful life, but it feels boring.
— I have an amazing partner in my Vortex!
— My puppy is challenging me.
— How does someone in the Vortex create a loved one who is not?
— I like both worlds – married and not married.
— How to eliminate tightness/resistance in my body?
— If I expect different results shouldn’t I get them?
— How do you stay stable when you know you are being lied to?
— Why do I go from excited to despair?
— What to do when meditation and appreciation are not an option?
— How can I allow worthiness to be my experience?
— Difference between a new story and writing a script?
— Abraham, tell us a new story.